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Revenge of the Geeks February 26, 2007

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Did you get the memo? The 2.0 phenomena isn’t replacing the office – it’s just making it more productive. Whether you call it Office 2.0 or Office 3.0, a new generation of productivity tools is reinvigorating the way we work, and more importantly, the way we work together. The TPS report may still be mandatory, but this time it will be a collaborative online document, cutting expenditures, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency. Lumbergh may still need you to work on Saturday, but this time you can do it from home via web-based spreadsheets and documents, instant message client, VOIP, and a whole host of next-generation tools.

At last, the cubicle is a concept of the past. Telecommuting is allowing environmentally and cost-conscious Dilbert sympathizers to spend more of their lifetime doing useful things, like not sitting in traffic jams.

Similarly, Web and Office n.0 are bringing software for the masses, finally allowing us to efficiently collaborate instead of individually looking after islands of documents and files.

Now if I could only remember where I put that stapler?

Wanadoo m’a tuer November 20, 2006

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Bienvenue sur le support téléphonique de Wanadoo. Cet appel pourra être enregistré à des fins qui ne vous regardent pas. Veuillez patienter…

Un clin d’oeil hé-naur-me à tous les traumatisés du service clients, disponible chez Nova (avancer jusqu’à 4:36, ou environ 25%).

Si besoin: un autre extrait ici.

Social bookmarking service offering circa 2006 August 30, 2006

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social bookmarking banner overabundance

I started using delicious a while back, and apparently competition has been fierce as of lately. What to choose from all this new stuff?

think! May 10, 2006

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Kind of sad to see who owns think.com.

How pleasantly ironic April 25, 2006

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Veteran tech columnist John Dvorak suggests that not only consumers, but the Web and Microsoft itself would be better off without Internet Explorer.

If the problem is not weird legal cases against the company, then it’s the incredible losses in productivity at the company from the never-ending battle against spyware, viruses, and other security problems. All the work that has to go into keeping the browser afloat is time that could have been better spent on making Vista work as first advertised.

All of Microsoft’s Internet-era public-relations and legal problems (in some way or another) stem from Internet Explorer. If you were to put together a comprehensive profit-and-loss statement for IE, there would be a zero in the profits column and billions in the losses column—billions.

Funny that the very decisions M$ made 10 years ago – to rear-end itself into the early browser market and kill Netscape – could have effectively bogged down the development of Windows, one of their main cash cows.

Community service February 12, 2006

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Last month, several researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh reported they had examined some 438 vulnerabilities in programs made by 325 software vendors and found the patching speed of open-source vendors was roughly 60 percent faster than that of the closed-source vendors they studied.

System halted_ January 31, 2006

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screenshot showing linux shutting down, the last line reads 'System halted.'

Hipster Geeks Unite December 14, 2005

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I thought those “Things To Do Today” notepads from work were handy, but the simplicity of this beats it all.

Meet the Hipster PDA. The PDA that is compatible with your favorite hand and pen. A lo-fi implementation of David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

Now now now, I know, this is geeky and will likely become real cliché real fast. But I still think it’s a brilliant idea.

Google’s recipe for spam December 9, 2005

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When it comes to spam, Google mail knows its way around the topic. Now the new ‘web clips’ feature offers relevant ads all the way into the spam folder. Here, a mouth-watering link to an actual spam recipe.


That’s it. I quit. November 12, 2005

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Nobody’s reading this anyway.