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One country, two countries, three countries, four. April 25, 2007

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1 proportion

Above is what the political world looks like with each nation roughly the same size.

This and lots more fascinating and trippy maps available at Worldmapper.org.

Who’da thunk it? March 30, 2007

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Strawberries grow inside tomatoes:

tomato strawberry

Revenge of the Geeks February 26, 2007

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Did you get the memo? The 2.0 phenomena isn’t replacing the office – it’s just making it more productive. Whether you call it Office 2.0 or Office 3.0, a new generation of productivity tools is reinvigorating the way we work, and more importantly, the way we work together. The TPS report may still be mandatory, but this time it will be a collaborative online document, cutting expenditures, reducing waste, and increasing efficiency. Lumbergh may still need you to work on Saturday, but this time you can do it from home via web-based spreadsheets and documents, instant message client, VOIP, and a whole host of next-generation tools.

At last, the cubicle is a concept of the past. Telecommuting is allowing environmentally and cost-conscious Dilbert sympathizers to spend more of their lifetime doing useful things, like not sitting in traffic jams.

Similarly, Web and Office n.0 are bringing software for the masses, finally allowing us to efficiently collaborate instead of individually looking after islands of documents and files.

Now if I could only remember where I put that stapler?

Well what do you know? February 21, 2007

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It is possible that there are more transistors than ants on Earth these days.

This and other improbable comparisons spotted at the 2-Variable Intuition Test.

Peaceful Matters January 11, 2007

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Some people reassure me about mankind (and, for that matter, about manhood). Michael Franti currently is one of them.

The art of good mechanics December 4, 2006

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This video is most amazing:

Download a better quality copy here (courtesy of this retrolink).

Community service February 12, 2006

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Last month, several researchers from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh reported they had examined some 438 vulnerabilities in programs made by 325 software vendors and found the patching speed of open-source vendors was roughly 60 percent faster than that of the closed-source vendors they studied.

Book Scanning 101 November 7, 2005

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Ever wondered how Google et al go about scanning thousands and thousands of books?  (Hint: it doesn’t involve hiring thousands and thousands of monkeys, pigeons nor even interns)