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The piece of Earth I grew up on April 27, 2006

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Hello, World!

The silent majority April 27, 2006

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More news from the silent majorityin the UK (watch out for your eyes! ugly site).

How pleasantly ironic April 25, 2006

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Veteran tech columnist John Dvorak suggests that not only consumers, but the Web and Microsoft itself would be better off without Internet Explorer.

If the problem is not weird legal cases against the company, then it’s the incredible losses in productivity at the company from the never-ending battle against spyware, viruses, and other security problems. All the work that has to go into keeping the browser afloat is time that could have been better spent on making Vista work as first advertised.

All of Microsoft’s Internet-era public-relations and legal problems (in some way or another) stem from Internet Explorer. If you were to put together a comprehensive profit-and-loss statement for IE, there would be a zero in the profits column and billions in the losses column—billions.

Funny that the very decisions M$ made 10 years ago – to rear-end itself into the early browser market and kill Netscape – could have effectively bogged down the development of Windows, one of their main cash cows.

Pendant ce temps, en France… April 5, 2006

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A droite, c'est la fête du slip.