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Make sure you wipe well December 23, 2005

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Astronomers have discovered new rings and small moons around Uranus.

Hipster Geeks Unite December 14, 2005

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I thought those “Things To Do Today” notepads from work were handy, but the simplicity of this beats it all.

Meet the Hipster PDA. The PDA that is compatible with your favorite hand and pen. A lo-fi implementation of David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

Now now now, I know, this is geeky and will likely become real cliché real fast. But I still think it’s a brilliant idea.

Google’s recipe for spam December 9, 2005

Posted by doobya in bad, food, funny, geeky, good.
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When it comes to spam, Google mail knows its way around the topic. Now the new ‘web clips’ feature offers relevant ads all the way into the spam folder. Here, a mouth-watering link to an actual spam recipe.