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World Politics: Internet to the Rescue November 29, 2005

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Looks like blogs are a little too cool for Iranian leaders. (from Andrew Sullivan)

International Justice November 29, 2005

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Saddam and his fellow defendants are charged with the torture and killing of 148 men and teenage boys from the town of Dujail, 55 kilometers, or 35 miles, north of Baghdad

I naïvely hope this means that Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush and Co. will also be charged and tried for the same crimes.

Head-Bangin’ Right November 28, 2005

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Change the climate. November 20, 2005

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These people set out to talk about marijuana without getting all excited about it.

Talking to anyone about marijuana can be difficult, especially given all the media and hysteria over the past 20 years. The important thing about talking with youngsters is to be honest. This gives you, as a parent and as an adult, credibility in your kids’ eyes.

Change the Climate, Inc. has relied on the expert advice of Marsha Rosenbaum, Ph.D., Director of the Lindesmith Center West, a drug policy institute in San Francisco. Dr. Rosenbaum is the author of many articles about kids and drugs, and she has generously allowed us to quote from her publications.

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That’s it. I quit. November 12, 2005

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Nobody’s reading this anyway.

Someone Poke His Eyeballs With A Coat Hanger November 10, 2005

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Among the wildly unpopular initiatives that just led Schwarzie to his first major public defeat, Ahnold wanted to require “doctors to tell girls’ parents before performing abortions“.

Apart from forcing medical professionals to breach their Hippocratic Oath, this would have broken into the patients’ private lives during awkward times, when the last thing they need is publicity and extra pressure from their relatives.

Hey, Übertough Guy: terminating a baby is more serious matter than your show-biz career.  Mind your own fucking business.

Book Scanning 101 November 7, 2005

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Ever wondered how Google et al go about scanning thousands and thousands of books?  (Hint: it doesn’t involve hiring thousands and thousands of monkeys, pigeons nor even interns)

Musical goodness November 5, 2005

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How cool is a record label that actively encourages podcasting for promoting its music?

Dubya’s Definition Of ‘A Heck Of A Job’ November 3, 2005

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Check out these emails from the director of FEMA during Hurricane Katrina, in the latest installment on Michael “Brownie” Brown’s incompetence, courtesy of CNN.